Sunday, January 3, 2010

Source Nutrients Milk Goats - Advantages

* Energy * Protein * Fat * Carbohydrates * Sugar
* Calcium * Iron * Vitamin A * Vitamin B1 * Vitamin B2
* Vitamin C * Vitamin D * Vitamin B12 * Folic Acid
* Inositol * Sodium * Potassium * Selenium


• Most convenient to breast milk (the best drink in the world after the mother's milk).

• Prophets keep and drinking milk goat for daily practices.

• There are no mad sheep disease (we always heard mad cow disease).

• Lack of infected nails and mouth disease than cow.

• Sheep have a strong body defense system.

• Nanny Goat give a birth of kid goat 2 times a year about 1 to 4 kid goat compare than of cow that give birth one calf a year .

• Cow has their mating once a year compared to sheep, every day.

• Goat milk more easily digested. Requires only 20 minutes compared to cow's milk requires 2 hours.


Goat Milks are most effective and more nutritious than cow's milk with the healing and prevent “internal" disease, such as:

• Yellow fever disease
• Weak heart disease.
• High blood pressure.
• Disease migraine / headaches often feel

• Joint diseases, nerve pain and kidney.
• The disease tuberculosis or TB.
• Diseases affecting the heart, spleen and liver as hepatitis.
• Disease and spinal nerves suffered when the age increase.

• Simply useful for those who have weak dysfunction.
• Suitable drinking during the morning (before breakfast) and evening (before sleep). Do not use hot water because the nutrient will be less. Just brewing with warm water only.


• Assist and strengthen the body's immune system.
• Alkaline not acidic.

• Suitable for all ages
• Improves sensitivity, concentration and memory.
• Balancing the rate of cholesterol and blood sugar.

• Easily digested (absorbed in the body) and does not cause allergies.
• Assist launched intestinal problems and digestive system.
• Caring and cure cancer, yellow fever, gastric, ulcers, hemorrhoids, asthma (asthma), migraine (headache), skin disease, Dressing (difficulty sleeping), syndrome, high blood pressure, weak heart, diabetes, tuberculosis and gout.
• Strengthen the healthy body mass (bones, teeth, muscles, joints, skin and nerve tissue.

Research by Japanese food experts that goat milk nutrients actually have 2 times than nutrients found in cow's milk.

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