Monday, January 4, 2010

History of Goat Milk

Goat’s Milk

Goat milk has many advantages from ancient times until now. There are several events that occur with relation to milk goats. There are various evidences that have been spoken about the advantages of goat milk. It is said from the starting of the first man Adam to the prophet Muhammad. It is also involves the history of India and China.


The onset of human civilization, Habil and Kabil rearing sheep and it is the first cattle animal in the world.


He is the greatest sheep farmers in the world. There are 12, 000 cattle dog who keep sheep flocks. During his time, there have been charity events occur (goat) and it is the largest in the history of Islam.


He also does goat rearing. The existence of the Israel people which the Jewish nation (a nation that have been known as smart), applying drink goat milk until today.

The Journey of ISRAK MIKRAJ

Prophet Muhammad SAW has been prepared with three types of beverages by Gabriel such as wine, honey, and milk. Then, he chose milk. (The best drink in the world after the mother's milk)


Among the types of beverages commonly drunk by the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is fresh goat milk, which is prepare directly from a goat (the story of 'Abdullah at the time of youth and he herd sheep owned by Uqbah mu'aith) quoted from Dr. Indah



Significant history of India, Mahatma Gandhi always drinks a glass of milk goats every morning and evening as daily practices. An adherent of the Hindu practice drinking milk goat’s to increase their memory, also in their medical practices.


cleopatra1 D010P030

Cleopatra using milk bath on herself, to ensure her skin is smooth and soft.

Princess of Emperor of China

Painting Chinese1 Painting Chinese2

In the past, Princess of Emperor of China also practice drinking goat milk and often have goat milk bathing in order to maintain their beauty.

Goat’s Milk

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