Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goat’s Milk - Higoat

It’s importance in your life...

When we talk about milk, we always imagine cow's milk. But we do not know that the goat milk have a higher nutritional benefits compared to cow's milk. In terms of the process of digestion, goat milk more easily digested because fat molecules are smaller.

If viewed in terms of nourishment goat milk with cow's milk that it is much better from each other. One reason for the lack of interest in practice is to drink goat milk because of the impression that it can cause high blood pressure and 'hot'. In fact, milk goats actually work to stabilize blood pressure, heart disease and many more. But how many percent of the world community know the benefits of milk goats?


Goat milk actually contains the complete nutrition for good health. It does not contain beta-lacto globulins that cause allergies such as asthma, respiratory problems, ear inflammation, skin infections and digestive tract disorders. Goat milk has alkaline reaction which is beneficial in for a person that has problems too much acid in the stomach with dilute hydrochloric acid and it protects the stomach mucous membrane in the surface layer of the stomach from damage.

Goat milk is rich in protein, enzymes and contains anti-aging factor, and anti-cancer antiarthritis. It contains antibodies to treat gastric diseases, yellow fever, asthma, skin disease, recover dysfunction, early heart disease, stomach ulcers and helps in the formation of bones and teeth. It is also often used as material to make yoghurt, ice cream, cheese and butter. Cosmetic industries also produce goat milk-based products such as shampoo, face cream, soap and cream shaver.

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